From The Secret, the famous book about getting success in our life,
this is the tips how to transform every single relationship you have in your life:

  • Make lists of hundreds and hundreds of wonderful things about you. Keep adding to it every day.
  • Know that you are perfect. Do not think any negative thoughts about you.
  • Know that you are worthy and deserving of anything and everything you could possibly want in your life.
  • Focus on the wonderful things in every person. Look for only those things.
  • Do not blame or criticize anybody, ever.
  • Set an intention that you are going to see the best in everything and everyone.
  • Make your happiness the number one thing in your life. Happiness is an inside job.
  • Free yourself of the responsibility of trying to make other people happy. Respect and love them enough to allow them to take care of their own happiness.
  • Get your attention off those things in others that don't make you feel good.
  • Appreciate and love yourself in every moment you can.
  • Do not expect others to behave in a way you want, so you will be happy. Release yourself forevermore and know that you alone control your happiness and it is a choice, no matter what anyone else is doing.
  • Love and respect yourself completely.
  • Know that you are perfect right now.


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