How To Use Internet (TCP/IP) Optimizer With Internet Cyclone

Before optimizing internet with Internet Cyclone, firts we had to know about:

1. What is Internet Cyclone?
2. System requirements
3. Installing Internet Cyclone
4. Purchasing Internet Cyclone

1. WHAT IS Cyclone Internet?
Internet Cyclone is a powerful, easy to use Internet (TCP / IP) for the optimizer
Windows XP and 95/98/ME/2K designed to configure and customize Internet Secret
settings in Windows that will boost your Internet connection speed up to 200%.
Internet Cyclone is compatible with all modems and high-speed LAN, ISDN, CABLE,
DSL, T1 or other connections. This Internet Connection optimizer speeds up Web
browsing, downloading files, email, online games, chat and all other
Internet-related software utilities by preventing the fragmentation of data during

Minimum configuration:
- 486DX2/66 required Pentium class or higher recommended
- Microsoft(r) Windows(r) XP, 2K, Me, 98, 95
- 3 MB of free disk space
- A connection to the Internet

3. INSTALLING Internet Cyclone
Unzip the files and run the setup files. The Install Setup Wizard
will take you through the installation steps. (Please note that you use the
"Next" and "Back" buttons to move back and forth between steps). When the
installation is completed, press the "Finish" button to close the Install Setup

4. PURCHASING Internet Cyclone

For your convenience we have contracted another company, to handle on-line
secure credit card orders. Please visit our website and you will see a link to
the on-line credit card handling system on the main page. In order to purchase
a license for your copy of Internet Cyclone, please use the link on our Web site :
When your order has been successfully completed, an e-mail will be sent to you,
containing your registration code.

Internet Cyclone IS PROVIDED AS IS. Iordache Daniel in no way
responsible in any financial or other terms, for damages (either consequential
or incidental) resulting from the use or misuse of the Internet or cyclone
follow instructions in this document. No warranty as to fitness for a
particular purpose is given or implied. Due to the wide variety of hardware
and combinations of software currently available for users to ensure that
Cyclone Internet works well in your environment. The user must assume
all risk of use.