How To Download Video You Tube (Java Script) To Your Web Site

This is easy script for download a video file at Youtube.
Copy of script paste here under your website.

<script src=""
<script type="text/javascript">

//you have to include the above-cited yd4all.js file.

//do not change IDs of the following DIVs: resVideoLinkDivPre,

resVideoLinkDivSuccess, resVideoLink, resVideoLinkDivError

//dvs_DirectDownload = true;//uncoment this string, if you want to always start

download immediately, comment the DirectDownload box in this case


<form id="test">

Enter YouTube URL to Download<p>

<input id="VLink" name="VLink" size="30"> <input type="button" value="Get Video"

onclick="dvs_yd4all_CallServer(VLink.value);" id="Button1" name="Button1"><br>

<input type="checkbox" value="directDownload" id="directDownload"






Java scripts are disabled on your computer, try Free <a


Converter</a> to download video from YouTube and Google.</noscript>

<div id="resVideoLinkDivPre">



<div id="resVideoLinkDivSuccess" style="DISPLAY:none">

<a href="" id="resVideoLink">Click download video</a><br>

Change the file extension to .flv after downloading the file (only for YouTube



<div id="resVideoLinkDivError" style="DISPLAY:none">

No video found on this link, please try another one.


Or you can use facility I which have provide!!!.


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