How To Make Your PC Run Faster By Anti-virus And Defrag At All Costs

Software optimization, moreover, does not require the purchase of anything, it merely requires you to optimize and refine their software created for the installation and make your computer run faster. Here are a few ways to achieve this kind of optimization.

1. Uninstall unnecessary applications - During your computer life you may have installed a bevy of applications, many of which you do not need more. If so, then now is the time to get rid of them. This will make your computer run faster and more efficiently.

Start by going through your menu and uninstall search applications that do not need more. These programs often have their own uninstallation routines will delete all files and services that may have installed.

Most applications install applications that not only eat disk space, but valuable RAM. As the computer starts, these programs start up too much, eat too precious processor time.

Some programs do not have their own uninstallation routines. You may have the habit of using the uninstall applications to eliminate these files on your computer. Make sure these applications eliminate both the program and files it is baled. Also, make sure the registry entries regarding this request are also eliminated.

2. Defrag at all costs - Run an application defragmentation regularly. The data on a hard drive is not necessarily stored in a contiguous. This means that when their hard drives to read the data, you have to jump from one dish to dish, one sector to another just to get a file in its entirety.

If the data is related, then this problem could be avoided, saving your hard disk read valuable time. And as a result of this effort, said the team would experience faster disk and an improvement in the speeds of computer 30% to 100%.

3. Check the Virus - Install a virus on hand to help eliminate annoying codes that can seriously compromise their data security, integrity, while the slowdown in their computer at the same time. An infected computer often grind to halt as malicious code use and abuse precious computer resources.

There are many antiviral agents in all, apart from the installation of this type, preventing the spread of the virus to ensure that only you will use removable media to be verified according to sources. Also, beware of sites you visit, as they may contain malicious code online.
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