How To Create The Secure Password

To create a secure password, make sure the following criteria:

  • The password is at least eight digits long.
  • Does not contain your user name, computer name, real name or company name.
  • It does not contain a real word.
  • Each password change must be significantly different from the past in order to be effective.
  • It contains at least one special character, such as:
    ! @ # $% ^ & * (): "> <~
  • It's OK if you want to use a space in your password.

Keep in mind, the stronger the password, the stronger their protection against malicious software and hackers.

Example of a weak password:


This is considered weak because it contains a password actual words. You can use these two words nevertheless, to create a secure password, such as:

(omPut3r $ ysT3m!

For help in creating secure passwords, free use free tool listed below:

Password Generator Tool


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