Add A Shortkey To The Snipping Tool In Vista

Windows Vista includes a screenshot / tool screenshot is actually pretty decent. You can take region capture screen shots or complete and easy to keep using this tool. The snipping tool does not exist in all versions of Vista. To which, in turn, will have to go to "Turn Windows features inside or outside" the Control Panel and check the box for the Tablet PC utilities.

The only problem with this tool is that there is no key to open the window. But let's fix that… Bring up the Start menu, then click on All Programs. Click on the Accessories folder, and you'll see the Snipping Tool.

Right click and go to Display Properties. You'll see a shortcut key text box:

The only annoying thing with this trick is that you can not use the PrintScreen key… but not much. I assigned Ctrl-F12, because that is something easy to remember that I did not use for anything else

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