How To Increase Menu Speed

Windows Vista is delayed in the configuration menu so that it waits for a certain period of time when they fall over a menu item before the enlargement of other options. For most users this is fine, but power users can expect to find annoying and rather have instant menu opening speeds in the mouse pointer over. A simple registration will allow you to accelerate tweak the menu. First load the Registry Editor by launching the menu Run regedit (Press R + windows key to access the menu run):

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Then navigate hkey_current_user \ Control Panel \ Desktop on the side panel, then right-click on MenuShowDelay and select Modify:

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Now, enter the menu delay time in milliseconds (1 is near instant, not enter 0!) And press OK:

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Once rebooted their menus from sliding nearly instantaneous speeds. The default is 400 if you want to restore the default menu.


ISWARA said...

Gimana kalau setiap hari naik mikrolet saja, khan sudah mulai menikmati

ISWARA said...

Rawat mata dengan baik karena itu pemberian Tuhan

Anonymous said...

Kayaknya gampang ya

Anonymous said...

Info yang lain dong, tentang kesehatan gitu, kok belum ada?

MB2-632 said...

This problem i was facing last six months back when i was looking to speed up my applications. Now i got that solution. Thanks for it.

Yan said...

Makasih infonya sangat bermanfaat..