How To Choose Wordpress Theme

There are so many different issues out there Wordpress is difficult to say that one should use. If you use 3 column fixed or liquid column 3, the right side or the left sidebar. There are so many variables is very difficult for anyone to decide and still maintain a clear head.

First let's look at some of the basic variables related to the templates:

  1. 2 columns, column 3, column 4 - This only refers to the number of columns in the template.
  2. From fixed width - This refers to a set size. The template is not increasing or decreasing, but will remain in a fixed size. Usually, this is a good choice for those whose population includes smaller monitors, as office workers to a network, etc.
  3. Width of fluids - This refers to the fluidity of the site. The site Increases or decreases depending on the size of the browser. This makes the content to grow or expand when necessary.
  4. Ready widget - This refers to the sidebar to get easily customized players within them. It is a very good feature to have.
  5. Required supplements - Usually, this means that there are more facilities that are required before the template to function properly.
  6. Sidebar left - left sidebar puts sidebar default things on the left. That is fairly self-explanatory.
  7. Sidebar right - Sidebar is placed on the right side of its contents. This is the same as the only left sidebar on the right side.
  8. Colors - There is also a selection of colors that might be available to you. Usually, this means that a good percentage of the site itself has that color in it. This is good for the selection of items that require a certain aspect to it.

When choosing your Wordpress theme you want to make sure that you take into consideration the effects of its blog. If your blog is simply something you want to express themselves and be creative, you can choose any color, size, number of column or the way you want because you really want to do it for yourself and show your friends.

If his plans for our blog a little cheaper based, in the sense that he would like to make money you have to make sure your chosen template is easy to use. This means that you want your visitors to stay for longer periods of time. This usually helps to increase revenue.

If you're really trying to monetize your blog in which he must steer clear of the origins of darker color, because they are very difficult to read. A few minutes looking at a dark background light source will have you click away from a place very quickly. You do not want to lose such traffic.

Take your demographic in mind. What are addressed to you? If you are oriented to an audience more recent, you want something fashionable, perhaps even 2.0ish. If your people are a bit more professional, go with something a little cleaner, for example a white background 3 columns wide fixed template.

Choosing the right template is very easy. The challenge is to make money off it!


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informasi yang bagus..
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Miss Gadget said...

Memilih theme buat blog memang pekerjaan yang gampang-gampang susah, apalagi bila kita dihadapkan dengan berbagai pilihan theme yang banyak dan semuanya bagus-bagus, tambah bingung dech..

Small Business Starting said...

Sometimes I like one template, but there is ready widget.

So, If I want to add hatml code, it's rather difficult, I must add from sidebar.php and looking for the code. I'm always afraid it eror.

Beside that, now, there are so many templat, and it make me confuse to choose

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semua themes banyak banget yg bagus, bingung milihnya...

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